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Tips for shooting panos

Practice makes perfect

Pano is an advanced tool, but sometimes you may not get the results you expect. We definitely encourage you to experiment and have fun; after your first few panos, you'll be a natural. Here are a few quick tips to get you going:


Pano works best when the objects in the scene are far away; this helps keep angles in line at the edges of each photo. It's a good thing ocean views and cityscapes make for fantastic vistas!

Don't move your phone

Try to keep your phone stationary between photos; it's best if the field of view pivots around a single point.

Okay, move it a little

Sometimes the best way to get a good match is to move the phone towards or away from you as you pivot.

Keep the Guide simple

The transparent Guide is where most of the processing magic happens; if you can plan your pano so that these areas have simple features, you can get better results.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does the stitching process take?

Pano is acting like a jerk and saying I'm unlicensed!

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When I look at my panos in my Gallery, they look kinda blurry.

I see ghosts in my panos! Is your software haunted?

I wish there were some place where I could show off my panos to my friends and other Pano users...

Who made Pano?

You guys seem cool; let's hang out. Where can I reach you?

Pano is great! Does Debacle Software make any other cool apps?

Additional Credit:

Pano uses the libjpeg library to help us with our magic. We also got some help on Pano for Android from Mike Rooke.